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Easy Inspection. Easy Maintenance

Easy Inspection

When BayFilter is initially installed, we recommend that an inspection be preformed on the system in the first six (6) months.  After that, the inspection cycle typically falls into a bi-annual pattern given normal storm occurrence and actual solids loads.  Its easy access design, whether manhole or pre-cast vault, assures unobstructed and effortless on-the-spot inspection of any BayFilter system.

Easy Maintenance.

The BayFilter system requires periodic maintenance to continue operating at its peak efficiency design.  The maintenance process comprises the removal and replacement of each BayFilter cartridge and the cleaning of the vault or manhole with a vacuum truck.  For best results, BayFilter maintenance should be performed by a BaySaver Technologies certified maintenance contractor.  A quick call to a BaySaver engineer or customer service representative will provide you with a list of reliable contractors in your area.

The maintenance cycle of the BayFilter system is driven mainly by the actual solids load on the filter. It is prudent to periodically monitor the system to be certain it is operating correctly.  Since stormwater solids loads can be variable, it is possible that the maintenance cycle could be more or less than the projected duration.

When BayFilter exhibits flows below design levels, the system should be inspected and maintained as soon as practical.  Replacing a BayFilter cartridge should be considered at or above the level of the 4” collector pipes to the manifold.
The following maintenance procedures can also be found in the BayFilter System Technical and Design Manual.

BayFilter Maintenance Procedures

  1. Remove the manhole covers and open all access hatches.
  2. Before entering the system make sure the air is safe per OSHA Standards or use a breathing apparatus. Use low O2, high CO, or other applicable warning devices per regulatory requirements. 
  3. Using a vacuum truck, remove any liquid and sediments that can be removed prior to entry.
  4. Using a small lift or the boom of the vacuum truck, remove the used cartridges by lifting them out.
  5. Any cartridges that cannot be readily lifted can be easily slid along the floor to a location they can be lifted via a boom lift.
  6. When all the cartridges have been removed, it is now practical to remove the balance of the solids and water.  Loosen the stainless clamps on the Fernco couplings for the manifold and remove the drainpipes as well.  Carefully cap the manifold and the Fernco’s and rinse the floor, washing away the balance of any remaining collected solids.
  7. Clean the manifold pipes, inspect, and reinstall.
  8. Install the exchange cartridges and close all covers.
  9. The used cartridges must be sent back to BaySaver Technologies for exchange/recycling and credit on undamaged units.