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BayFilter’s unique cartridge design utilizes concrete (manholes, pre-cast, or cast-in-place) vaults housing cylindrical spiral-wrapped filter fabric containing a mixed silica/sand media.  These proprietary components and BayFilter’s exclusive layered construction achieve removal of very fine sediment and nutrient pollutants at an astounding maximum flow of 30 GPM per cartridge.

Over 42 square feet of surface area per cartridge assures greater than 80% TSS removal, greater than 50% reduction in total phosphorous, greater than 12% reduction in dissolved phosphorous, and greater than 50% reduction in turbidity*.

BayFilter is easy to specify, install, and maintain.  Its up-flow technology employs a unique self-cleaning backwash component that dislodges pollutants and restores the porosity of the mixed media filter.  A dedicated drain-down cartridge assures no standing water between storms.

*All claims are derived from 1200 data points using mass-balanced testing methodology.