ADS and BaySaver Technologies are on a mission to keep the public waterways safe from the harmful debris and pollutants associated with stormwater runoff. Through industry-leading innovation, quality technology, and unmatched customer service, we empower engineers to install state-of-the-art equipment that is effective, efficient, and economical.

Clean water is critical to quality of life. BaySaver Technologies is committed to protecting our water resources through continued innovation, extensive research, and quality products. We offer stormwater treatment systems that are engineered for easy installation, maximum versatility, and cost effectiveness.

The first BaySaver system, now known as the BaySeparator, was developed in 1997 as an answer to emerging local mandates that called for the removal of debris and pollutants from stormwater before its release to nearby rivers, lakes, and streams. Since then, through extensive research and comprehensive testing, the technology has continued to advance to meet the needs of designers and engineers. We now also offer the BayFilter and the Barracuda, both game-changing methods of stormwater protection that meet standards and exceed expectations. We ensure simple maintenance and product longevity, so it’s friendly to the environment as well as your budget. Make sure to read up on all of our products to see which stormwater treatment system best suits your project needs.

Our devotion to protecting water resources will always drive our continued innovation and development. We are proud to be leaders in our industry and a name you can count on for the most effective stormwater treatment systems on the market.