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Stormwater Treatment is Our Only Business

About BaySaver Technologies In the late 1990's local regulators began mandating that stormwater be treated to remove debris and pollutants before making its way into the surrounding streams, rivers, and lakes.  There were a limited number of reputable companies that provided products necessary to comply with the regulations and meet the standards for stormwater treatment; but even those companies fell short of meeting customer needs in service, delivery, and product performance. 

As an engineer, tinkerer, and owner of an excavation company, Tom Pank had been experimenting with a 3-chamber separation unit he envisioned as a stormwater solution for his clients.  As a user of such products himself, Mr. Pank saw the marketing potential in a product that would not only meet performance regulations, but be backed by a company whose engineering expertise and dedication to customer service would be unsurpassed in the industry.  In 1997, Tom Pank did just that by inventing, patenting, fabricating, and installing the first BaySaver Stormwater Separation System, a system designed to remove sediment, debris and oil throughout an entire storm by treating influent water according to the rate of its flow.

With the product engineered to treat run-off effectively without resuspension, priced economically, easy to install, maintain and clean, and delivered in a timely manner, the BaySaver  separator proved to be not only a boon to the environment but a marketing success as well. 

Totally committed to his new product, Pank started BaySaver, Inc., a company that soon became a major player in the stormwater treatment business.  Within a short time, the company was renamed BaySaver Technologies, Inc. to better embrace Mr. Pank’s vision of fusing intelligent research and smart engineering with inventive product development and intuitive technology.   In time, the new BaySaver philosophy produced advanced versions of the original separator, now called BaySeparator, and introduced a series of new products such as the innovative BayFilter system.

Today, BaySaver Technologies prides itself in knowing that the company’s strong, steady growth plan and innovative product development will forever ensure it a place among the world leaders in stormwater environmental solutions.