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Separation devices and catch basin inserts offer options for limited spaces and sensitive environments.
Jan 01, 2004 by Carol Brzozowski -- Stormwater Magazine

Balancing growth and conservation - Precast concrete manholes become part of the stormwater solution
Jan 05, 2005 by Fernando Pages Ruiz -- Precast Solutions Magazine
"Precast concrete manholes and BaySaver Stormwater Separation System help preserve Wetlands."

Precast Concrete Manholes Become Part of the Stormwater Solution
Mar 28, 2006 by Fernando Pages Ruiz -- Precast Solutions Magazine
"When American Fork, Utah, decided to approve construction of a 175-acre commercial center, the city engineers had to consider the environmental effect it would have on a 45-acre wetland right next door. "

BaySaver Technologies helps Lake Taneycomo
Dec 01, 2005 by Wiley Hendrix -- Branson Daily News

Stormwater, BMPs, and Vectors: The Impact of New BMP Construction on Local Public Health Agencies
Mar 01, 2002 by Susanne Kluh, Marco E. Metzger, Dean F. Messer, Ja -- Stormwater Magazine
"How will new BMPs affect those responsible for maintaining them? A look at the situation from the public health agency point of view."

Storm Water Treatment Technologies - To manage pollution and meet regulations
Nov 01, 2001 by David E. Beck, PE -- CE News November 2001

Evaluating First Flush
Sep 01, 2001 by Mary Catherine Hager -- Stormwater Magazine
"Still a mainstay of many stormwater programs, treating first-flush runoff might not be enough."


The Phase II Ten Commandments
Apr 01, 2003 by Andy Reese -- Stormwater Magazine March/April 2003