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Super Size My Stormwater Treatment System, Please!
Oct 13, 2006 by Austin Meyermann -- Presented at StormCon 2006, Denver, CO


Specify the BaySaver® XK for High Flow Storms!
"The patented BaySaver XK Separation System can be sized to treat any flow rate. The system was designed to effectively and economically remove sediment, petroleum hydrocarbons, and gross debris. Since every BaySaver XK Stormwater Separation System is custom designed, specific non-dissolved pollutants can be targeted by changing system components. "


Benefits of a BaySaver Separation System for Wet Pond Pretreatment
Aug 16, 2005 by Alexander Weisz
"How can a BaySaver Stormwater Separation System be used in conjunction with a Wet Pond?"


LEED-ing Your Stormwater Down the Green Path
Aug 03, 2005 by Alexander Weisz
"BaySaver Technolgies, Inc. can help you gain LEED credit."


The Power to Separate
Mar 01, 2004 by Austin Meyermann -- Water & Wastes Digest
"Gravity separators are an effective, economical tool for meeting wastewater and stormwater regulations."

Elkhart River Walk – courtesy of Stormwater Magazine, January/February 2004