Stormwater Pollution Removal

BaySaver Technologies stormwater treatment products were designed to effectively remove sediment, nutrients, petroleum hydrocarbons, large debris, and small micron pollutants before they reach our common waterways. Treatment units are designed to meet various requirements and design specifications and are capable of extracting different levels of stormwater contaminants. The BaySeparator and the Barracuda systems work with high flow rates and are thus able to remove pollutants such as suspended solids and trash. The BayFilter system, however, offers enhanced treatment and is capable of a higher level of removal of more difficult pollutants such as small micron suspended solids, dissolved phosphorus, dissolved metals, and trash. The chart below illustrates each system’s specific removal capabilities.

Our innovative stormwater treatment systems offer enhanced pollution protection and are developed to accommodate various sizing specifications, installation requirements, and unique customizations. For more information regarding inspection, maintenance, and testing data, refer to our comprehensive engineering resources database. You will find helpful materials such as tech and design manuals and product information that will help you to specify the appropriate system for your specialized engineering needs.


Filters (active filtration)
ADS Products Barracuda, BaySeparator, ADS WQU BayFilter
Suspended Solids X X
Dissolved Phosphorus X
Metals X
Trash X X