State of the Art Stormwater Treatment

BaySaver’s BayFilter cartridge system is the most efficient and effective stormwater filter on the market. Its innovative design was engineered to permanently remove pollutants of concern and keep them from entering the public waterways. It is a highly engineered product that is designed to be both effective and economical.

Increased Surface Area. Decreased Loading Rate.

Increasing the filter media surface area and reducing surface loading rates enhances pollutant removal and improves filter longevity. The BayFilter was designed with this principle in mind. The compound spiral media configuration allows for a large filter surface area in a compact footprint.

BayFilter systems may use a single cartridge or multiple cartridges to satisfy any treatment flow requirement. We offer several sizes and structures to accommodate a variety of designs that target specific pollutants. The unique self-cleaning backwash component dislodges captured contaminants and restores the porosity of the media. The BayFilter is customizable to meet the needs of each specific project and is engineered to prevent unwanted standing water during dry periods.