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John F. Kennedy International Airport


Airplanes take off and land every day at the United Airlines Terminal of John F. Kennedy International Airport, but stormwater is not allowed to leave until it has been separated from trash, debris and hydrocarbons such as jet fuel or oil. BaySaver Technologies™, Inc. has been working with United Airlines at the JFK International Airport since June 2001 to help them comply with state and local regulations.

This is not a trivial matter once you realize the number of gallons of fuel spilled each day while airplanes are re-fueled. This fuel can seep into local waterways and pollute the local groundwater. Just a little splash as the nozzle is removed is multiplied a thousand times over. With the purchase of 30 BaySaver® Separation Units, 17 of which are installed, the United Airlines terminal at JFK International Airport collects hydrocarbons that would otherwise pollute the local environment. The local waterways that are protected by these units include the Long Island Sound, the Hudson River and the Atlantic coastline.

For more information on how to protect the waterways near your airport terminal, please contact BaySaver Technologies, Inc. at 1-800-BAYSAVER.