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Kohl's Department store


It appeared to be just an average day on the jobsite for the new Kohl’s Department store in Lehi, Utah. Not so fast, appearances can be deceiving. CLC Associates along with Geneva Rock and Amcor Precast, Inc., installed two manholes and one 3K Baysaver® Stormwater Separator Unit in under 45 minutes. While this might seem like an unusually smooth installation, a smooth BaySaver installation is not all that uncommon.

Thanks to the on-site support AmCor Precast offers for all installations in Utah and Northern Nevada, the innovative installation procedure and the attention to detail, this installation was just like many others in that area, as smooth as freshly poured concrete.

Part of the credit for the smooth installation goes to Ralph Kunz of Amcor Precast. He is not just the distributor for the BaySaver® Stormwater Separator Units; he is also present at every installation. Mr. Kunz advises the site contractor and engineer on excavation and manhole placement. The primary and secondary manhole positions are then clearly marked so there is no confusion when the crane arrives.  

Once the hole was dug, all the operator needed to do was start the installation by setting the bottom half of the primary manholes. Then the Baysaver® Stormwater Separator Units were moved into place and secured. The top of the manhole was placed and the operator then started work on the secondary manholes. The boots were placed in the storage manholes and the couplers were added. Then the secondary manholes were set, connected to the main Baysaver® Stormwater Separator Units and backfilling began to finalize the installation.

The entire installation took only 45 minutes. This innovative method of installation featured a very efficient use of equipment time and labor saving the customer money and helping to keep their job on schedule. BaySaver Technologies, Inc. wants to thank Ralph Kunz at AmCor Precast for his diligent work as well as CLC Associates and Geneva Rock for making this installation seamless and for sharing this story.