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City of Pensacola, Florida


The City of Pensacola, Florida was faced with a challenge of cleaning the bayous, bays and estuaries in their city and the surrounding County of Escambia. The waterways in Escambia County had trash, debris and sediment that was unsightly, unhealthy and had been deposited by stormwater. The clean-up effort had to satisfy not only the regulators in the State of Florida, but also a very active local community action group. This group had very high expectations of what needed to be done and would rightfully accept nothing less than clean waterway.

Pensacola chose BaySaver Technologies, Inc to help them fight this battle. In the last 3 years Baysaver has installed 32 BaySaver Stormwater Separation Systems, leaving Pensacola waterways cleaner. The feedback from both the community action group and the City of Pensacola has been positive.

For more information on how to clean up your waterways, please contact BaySaver Technologies, Inc. at 1-800-BAYSAVER.