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Villages of Shirlington, Virginia


When the Villages of Shirlington wanted to upgrade their neighborhood and strip mall to a thriving metropolitan community featuring a library, theater, upscale hotels, condominiums and high-end shopping mall, they called BaySaver Technologies.  The revitalization of the Villages of Shirlington meant retrofitting the site for stormwater treatment. BaySaver’s patented stormwater treatment technology was chosen based on the footprint, easy of installation and treatment capabilities.

With a road on one side and a building on the other, there was very little room to place a large structure that would treat 65 cubic feet per second (cfs) of stormwater runoff. BaySaver’s innovative vault technology helped this developer protect the local environment inexpensively within his constraints.

For more information on how to revitalize your area and keep your waterways clean, please contact BaySaver Technologies, Inc. at 1-800-BAYSAVER.