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BaySaver Hydrodynamic Separator

The Barracuda Hydrodynamic Stormwater Separator

BaySaver’s high-performance vortex hydrodynamic stormwater separator, the Barracuda, is designed to remove suspended solids in to protect the public waterways from pollutants. The Barracuda offers outstanding value. It’s versatile, with multiple pipe configurations, and convenient, with a quick installation. This hydrodynamic separator is available in four-, six- and eight-foot diameter units. Each unit is designed to target total suspended solids (TSS) and floatable debris.

Why is it called the “Barracuda”? The hydrodynamic separator is named for its “teeth,” which are made out of stainless steel and located in the sump area of the unit. These revolutionary “teeth” disrupt turbulence, which can disrupt particle separation and increase resuspension. By disrupting the turbulence, the Barracuda prevents captured contaminants from being re-suspended, and ultimately improves sediment removal.

The Barracuda can be assembled quickly and easily in the field inside a precast manhole. The four-foot Barracuda comes pre-assembled in an HP polypropylene manhole. The system can be easily maintained by using a vacuum truck or comparable equipment. The Barracuda features a “bowl” at the top of the unit, so there is no need for confined space entry or part removal/replacement.

The Barracuda’s flexible design allows for variability in the inlet and outlet locations and with the number of inlet pipes. The Barracuda unit can be configured to meet most site storm sewer layout configurations. This and the fact that no elevation change is required across the unit from inlet to outlet means that engineers don’t have to design around the structure; rather, the Barracuda hydrodynamic separator can be configured to the proposed or existing site design.

Finally, an internal bypass feature means the Barracuda is capable of conveying 100% of the design peak flow. The hydrodynamic separator will remove at least 80% of suspended solids on an annual aggregate removal basis. Third party verified testing is available. The Barracuda is an approved hydrodynamic separator through the New Jersey Department of the Environmental Protection (NJDEP/NJCAT).


  • Single manhole design
  • Variable inlet/outlet angle configurations (not just 180-degree orientation)
  • Internal bypass for inline installation (where applicable)
  • All units can be installed into a standard precast manhole
  • 4’ units can be factory fabricated in HP manholes for quick delivery with a light, easy to install structure


  • In-stock components for quick delivery
  • No elevation loss between the inlet and outlet
  • Designed for quick and easy field installation in precast structures

The Barracuda hydrodynamic separator is efficient, versatile, and easy to maintain. Contact a specialist today.


About the Manufacturer

At BaySaver, we are dedicated to ongoing innovation and state-of-the-art technology so that we can provide enhanced pollution prevention. For more systems designed to keep our public waterways safe, take a look at our BayFilter and BaySeparator.