At BaySaver Technologies, we are dedicated to innovative stormwater pollution removal. Why? Because stormwater runoff causes water pollution. Stormwater carries harmful contaminants that, if not separated and contained, will flow into public waterways like nearby rivers, lakes and streams. We have a commitment to continuing innovation to help designers and engineers meet, if not exceed, all standards and regulations put in place to protect water resources. This is why we’re so proud to announce the all-new Barracuda S6 [link to Barracuda S6 product page] to the BaySaver family of stormwater treatment systems.

A Mean Water-Protecting Machine

The Barracuda is a high-performance vortex hydrodynamic separator that’s dominating the world of pollution protection in stormwater runoff. Its sworn enemy? Suspended solids, trash, and other pollutants of concern. Its mission in life? To keep our surface waters clear. The Barracuda is designed to remove at least 80 percent of TSS (Total Suspended Solids) while capable of carrying 100 percent of the design peak flow in multiple configurations.

Why It’s So Effective

Named for its “teeth”, a revolutionary design feature, the Barracuda system mitigates turbulence in the sump area to prevent resuspension of captured contaminants. And now it is available in a 6ft configuration that is adding more versatility and customization to the technology. S6 refers to its 6ft manhole diameter. This sizing allows for a 2.80 CFS on a 50% pollution removal and a 2.43 CFS on an 80% pollution removal. It has a single manhole configuration, flexible inlet/outlet positions, and can accommodate a variety of sizing specifications. It is incredibly versatile, cost effective, easy to install, and simple to maintain.

And It’s Got Friends

The Barracuda is also currently available in the S4, and the S8 configuration will be arriving soon to ensure your design specifications are met with ease. BaySaver Technologies also offers the BaySeparator, our seminal stormwater treatment system, and the BayFilter, advanced pollution protection that is proof of our dedication to continued innovation. Our entire line of stormwater separators and filters illustrates our promise to provide quality technology and industry-leading pollution removal. Paired with our unmatched customer service, we are the first name in stormwater safety and we want to help you ensure all regulations are met and design specs are satisfied. Feel free to contact us for more information or check out our online resources for further guidance.