BaySaver Stormwater Separator


Innovative Pollution Prevention


Our seminal stormwater separator unit, the BaySeparator, is a highly effective method of stormwater protection. This three-path system removes over 80% of Total Suspended Solids, using density differences and gravity to remove debris from stormwater runoff and keep it from entering our waterways. It is essential, proven technology that is easy to install.

Three Flow Paths. One Effective System.

Stormwater separators typically rely on either sedimentation or floatation to remove debris. Sedimentation is a gravity-driven process in which solids suspended in water fall downward. This process is driven by the difference in density between solid particles, the water surrounding them, and the size of the settling particles. Because they have more mass, larger particles settle faster than smaller ones. Sedimentation’s effectiveness depends on the size of the settling particles and the length of time the particles are allowed to settle.

Flotation is essentially sedimentation in the opposite direction. Floatable pollutants such as free oils and debris rise to the surface and get trapped in the storage manhole.

The BaySeparator uses both principles to remove suspended solids and floatables, like hydrocarbons and trash. The dual structure and three flow path design ensure these pollutants remain trapped until they can be removed with routine maintenance.

The three-flow path design works as follows.

First, the incoming flow is treated in the primary manhole. This is where coarse sediments settle during high and low flow events. Then, water containing free oils, fine sediments, and floatables gets secondary treatment in the storage manhole, where it is diverted. The storage manhole allows for greater retention time so the fine sediment has time to settle to the bottom and the floatables has time to rise to the surface. Contaminants in the storage manhole are trapped elsewhere. The BaySeparator acts as a dynamic control as the flow rate increases throughout the system. It routes the remainder of the flow through the separator unit and over the internal bypass plate collected contaminants getting back into the water. The direct water flow path ensures that the system will not cause a backup in the storm drain.

All BaySeparators can be fabricated into multiple sizes of combinations. This means that they can fit a variety of applications and custom installations. To perform maintenance on the BaySeparator, use a vacuum truck or similar equipment. Each manhole provides unobstructed access to the captured pollutants since there are no parts to be removed and no need for confined space entry. Easy maintenance results in lower cost and is a practical method of pollutant removal.


  • Customizable systems
  • Multiple sizing combinations
  • Easy maintenance
  • Off-line storage manhole prevents resuspension


  • Enhanced pollution prevention
  • Reduced life cycle cost
  • Low maintenance costs
Contact a specialist today to learn more about this effective and easy-maintenance stormwater separator. BaySaver products are dedicated to providing enhanced pollution prevention through ongoing innovation and state-of-the-art technology.